Introduction to Asian Art
ART HIST 240-0         Professor Sarah E. Fraser
Course Workbooks
Part 1

Tomb China I
Tomb China II
Buddhist India I
Buddhist India II
Hindu India
Hindu and Buddhist SE Asia
Silk Road; Early Buddhist China
Chinese Painting I

Part 2

Chinese Painting II
Japanese Temples I
Japanese Temples II
Heian Art and Narrative
Mughal India
Edo Japan
Qianlong Emperor
Potala Palace


Dead But Not gone; Meaning in Style  or Context?
Image of the Bodhisattva
Painting with Chinese Brushes
Lotus Sutra
Love and Devotion
Double Suicide
Class Visits
Final Exam


Authentic Representation
Hybridity: Qianlong's Approach to  Painting Portraiture (option A)
Japanese Garden Design: Transitional  Viewing (option B)

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