Buddhist Material Culture
   Anyue, Sichuan Province

90-43T 25-48T 35-57T 95-63T

Thousand Buddha Cliff 45-35T 93-34T 93-06T 93-15T
45-31T 93-32T 93-08T 90-34T

90-29T 90-33T 90-30T 20-54T 93-09T 54-20T

90-32T 93-42T 93-43T 93-44T 93-37T 54-24T

93-26T 93-36T 93-41T 97-03T 95-39T 30-87T

40-81T 90-35T 95-37T 90-31T
93-38T 93-39T 95-36T

Hall of Reclining Buddha 90-53T 90-55T 90-60T 90-47T 90-48T

15-94T 20-51T 93-17T 90-51T 93-19T 93-18T 45-12T
45-08T 90-52T 15-X4T 93-20T 90-49T 95-35T 95-38T

97-01T 95-60T 15-95T 45-16T

45-21T 93-01T 93-02T

Yuanjie Cave 80-19T 80-22T 80-31T 90-01T
97-43T 80-28T 97-02T

Jinghui Precipice 90-28T 95-55T 95-53T 95-57T
90-27T 90-26T 95-54T

Pilu Cave Temple 95-75T 45-28T 95-16T

Antang Temple 93-30T 93-29T 93-31T
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